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Computer Sales

Part of recycling is fixing computers and putting them back to use! We have very affordable computers for sale for the office, school, or home and they all come with a free hardware warranty.

- Wholesale Computers department
New and Used desktop computers

Desktop/Laptop Repairs and Upgrades

We'll help you repair or upgrade your computer. We have many parts available on the cheap.

- Stop by or call us at (602) 595-6551
Computer repairs and upgrades

Computer and Electronics Recycling

You can recycle any size electronics from cell phones to entire computers here.

Find us at 1526 E. Washington St.

Clean Environment
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We recycle televisions, motherboards, computer components, CRT monitors, flat panels, speakers, old computer towers, stereos, circuit boards, or anything else electronic.

Electronics Recycling Network     1526 E Washington St    (602) 595-6551
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